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I'm old enough to know better, but like another addict we know, I just can't stay away from it.

I also take the whole issue of canon and adaptation to modern environments very seriously. My Sherlock is on the autistic spectrum, showing us all the need to be more tolerant of diversity, and self aware about our own prejudices.

If you want to read my fic, it's here My fics on Ao3 at the AO3. One word of warning- "in order of publication" does not necessarily mean chronological order.

A quick guide is
*Game Theory*- re broadcast series 1 &2, so John, Moriarty and Irene feature

*Fallen Angel* - re series 2, leading up to the Reichenbach Fall

*Magpies* is the return and after, Series 3 I include in that "Devonshire Squires" in that period too.

The *Talking* series looks more at a series of one shots exploring John and Sherlock's relationship over those same three years, plus the Hiatus.

*Got My Eye on You* is everything from Greg's POV

*Periodic Tales* covers Sherlock's childhood, relationship with Mycroft, plus every story has a chemistry angle that involves case fic with John.

*Ex Files* are all one shots (unless "specials" like Exhibition or Extricate) and cover Everything, with lots of different points of view, mostly John's at the start.

There are stand-alone stories: *The Shooting Party* is early on in John and Sherlock's relationship and I recommend it as a good starter for understanding them and Sherlock's family background. *Musgrave Blaze* and *Defrag* are also a bit separate, which explores some of the issues of Sherlock's past, and how they effect his crime solving and relationships.

And, of course, let's not leave out the co-authored works, with the incomparable J.Baillier, my BFF. She's let me play with her boys in "On the Rack" and "2007" in the Pins and Needles series, plus several stories in the You Go To My Head Series. I am eternally grateful to fanfiction for bringing us together.
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